Help with Sleeve instructions please

I am knitting my first jumper and am stuck on the sleeve instructions. I think I am getting dimmer as I move through the pattern!

What do I do with this?

****Place a marker at each end of last row.
Work 6 rows more in st-st.
Place a marker at each end of last row.
Cast off 9 sts at beg of next 6 rows.
Cast off rem 9 sts.

I have already knitted the first part of the sleeve as per instructions not listed above (I understood those!).
What I don’t understand is marking at end of last row - which last row?

Please help.

Welcome to Knitting Help.
The last row is the row sitting on the needle which has just been completed. Mark that row with a stitch marker or a simple knotted loop of yarn at each end. This is probably to help you with placement of the sleeves on the body of the sweater.

Hi and thanks for the welcome.

Ok, sorry still being bit dim.

So do I place a marker on my current row, then work 6 rows, place a marker and then start the casting off procedure or am I marking the end of every row I do? So will have 12 markers?


Just 4 removable markers total. Place one at each end of the row on the needles, the loops that you are about to work into. Then work the 6 rows in stockinette and place one marker at each end of the 6th stockinette stitch row. Read further along in the pattern and see what the instructions for the markers are and you’ll have a better feeling for their purpose.

Wonderful!!! I get it now. I wasn’t reading it properly and yes I see now how later in the pattern it’s going to be helpful.

thanks so much :slight_smile: