Help with sleeve increase

I am doing cable cast on 4 stitches at beginning of every row till i have 8 done. This appears to make the sleeves uneven. The knit row cable cast on then turn and cable cast on purl row, this makes one side appear thicker and further along. Am I doing something wrong? I am a beginner doing a sweater with short sleeves and I am driving myself insane.

You’ll be off by one row for a while on the amount of knitting on the cast ons, but I wouldn’t worry about that. Since you’re doing one side at a time, one side will have that extra knitting on it for a while. Keep at it. See how it turns out at the end. In my experience, if you follow the directions faithfully and don’t try to second-guess the way you THINK it should look vs. the way it does look, things turn out ok in the end.

There are many patterns where in my head I’m saying “WHAT!!!” I just keep following the directions and before long I’m saying “OHHH! I get it.”


I will take your advice and hope for the best. I overthink everything anyway, but this is driving me mad, i notice that one side is heavier in stitches and well just cant stand this isnt proper to me.

It will probably even out in the end. Have faith. :wink:

Are you casting on on the wrong side too?

What pattern are you working on? Are you supposed to cast on, or increase?

silver the pattern calls for a cable cast on, 8 total 4 at the beginning of each row and i am doing stockinette stitch. it seems when i do 4 cable cast on on the knitting row, turn and do 4 on the purl row, when i get to the end it has the increase and the second time around and now the right side is building higher than the left side. it just doesnt appear to even out to me.