Help with SL1 at start and end of rows

Hello knitters!

I’m having trouble with a Patons pattern for a cabled blanket. The pattern is worked every second row, with the first and last stitch slipped (SL1).

I’ve actually made this blanket twice already. The first time I think I slipped knitwise, and one edge was nice and the other was horrible looking, all open. The second time I tried to make them mirror each other but I can’t remember how except that it was fiddly.

So my question is how would you SL1 at the start and end so they match? I would like it so from the front you just see the edge of the chain, and so it doesn’t curl too much.

Unless the pattern says otherwise, I slip stitches purl wise. Something else you could do is work those stitches through the back loop? I’m not sure how that would look but it would twist them.

There is this video which shows several ways to get a smooth edge:

I find that if I need a smooth edge, it works to purl the last stitch of the row and slip the first stitch knitwise.

Shintoga & salmonmac - thank you both for your responses. I have been playing around with slipping the first stitch of every row, slipping them through the back loop. I think I’ve figured out what to do on the odds and evens so they match. It’s been doing my head in!!

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Just a reminder - after u figure out how to get the edges the way u want - DON’T FORGET to write how u did it on the pattern!! So you’ll remember the next time u make it!!!

Don’t ask me how I came up with this little bit of wisdom!!! But it became a necessity after MUCH trial and error!!



Haha, I’ve done a few tension squares for projects I then put down and forgot about for a while, then wished I’d written a note about the needle size. The amount of stuff I think I’ll remember when it’s obvious I won’t :sweat_smile:


I have definitely kicked myself for not writing stuff down!! This is the third time I’ve made this blanket in 3 years and each time I’ve had to try remember how I did it last time :woman_facepalming:


Hello again!! I would like to know the name of the blanket you’re making!! I have knitted many different types of afghans and am always looking for new patterns to add to my collection.


Hi there! Sorry for the delay in replying.

The blanket is from Patons book 1315 “Natural Baby”, design 5 is the Cabled blanket :slight_smile: