Help with silk tangling

I tried very carefully to keep the sides separate on the hank, but this skein of silk is refusing to untangle. Help me please!

How can I untangle the skein and keep it from tangling further while I wind it on my winder? I’d rather not cut the yarn (laceweight). I’ve untangled one knot already, only to get into a tangle a bit further on. Also, for some reason this skein has 4 ends rather than 2. :wall:

Will it help to put the skein into the freezer? :shrug:

I put the hank on the back of my computer chair when I’m winding it into a ball. If you don’t do something like this to separate it, it’s going to tangle.

Well, I normally use my knees or some knobs on a chair, but this isn’t keeping it from tangling :??

Putting it in the freezer might work…Vicky Howell gave that tip on Knitty Gritty one time, I think to prevent tangling.