Help with shoulder shaping

Hi, I am knitting Rowan Boxy Haven, 3rd Size. It was all very straight forward or so I thought.
I just cannot understand these instructions- if you knit them as I thought - decrease at neckline on next and 4 following 4th rows and decrease at shoulder edge twice as instructed, I end up with the right number of stitches but with a deep step up on the shoulder which doesn’t match the more sloping back shoulder and looks awful sewn up.
I thought at first it was part of the shaping but it’s just wrong and have undone it.
I’ve included a couple of photos of that part of the pattern and the knitted result.

Welcome to KH!
It looks like the neck edge is on the left and the armhole on the right with the RS facing. The directions aren’t very clear (it would be simpler if the rows were numbered). The neck shaping continues while you are working the shoulder bind offs. Once the shoulder bind offs start they continue on every other row through to the end.

Hi, The problem is there are only 2 shoulder end decreases over 3 rows whilst the pattern is asking you to decrease at neck for 4 following 4th rows. This is causing the ‘step’.
I’m almost wondering whether to do the neck decreases first and then the shoulder shaping?

The important words are: At the same time.
So while you’re working the neck edge decreases, start the shoulder bind offs. The neck edge decreases continue as do the shoulder bind offs. You may have to place one of the neck decreases on a second row in order for both neck and shoulder to end on the same row.