Help with shedding! PLEASE!

I just completed - after MANY months, an afgan for my father. It is made from one of the log cabib patterns in Mason Dixon. I made it with Blue Sky Cotton yarn. It is very soft and was a pleasure to knit with - BUT - it sheds! It would shed all over my clothes and chair while I was knitting - and now that it is done - it is still shedding - even all over itself. This morning, I put it in a large mesh bag and washed it in cold and gentle in my machine. A lot of lint was on the bag and still on the afgan. I then put it in the dryer on no heat - just fluff. It shed an amazing amount in the dryer - but - it is still shedding! HELP!!! Any suggestions? I really appreciated it - I am ready to toss out my 5 months of work I am so frustrated!

I would just call teh yarn shop where you bought the yarn and ask them about it,[/COLOR][/B]

The softer more loosely spun yarns do tend to shed and pill more. I think several washings would slow it down though.

Use the felting TECHNIQUE! It will work after 1-2 tries! :slight_smile:

She doesn’t want it felted though, just to quit shedding. :wink:

Cotton won’t felt :slight_smile:

The technique, wash it with a pair of jeans or something. It won’t felt if it isn’t wool. :thumbsup:

:hmm: Calm down, hon. What technique are you referring to then? I’m not understanding you.

Her previous reply advised to use the felting technique.

“Use the felting TECHNIQUE! It will work after 1-2 tries!”

Also confused by what you mean by this. Is it just to wash the afghan in hot, soapy water with some jeans or towels in with it?

If it were wool, or mostly wool, that might work. And you would want to wash only once, I think. More might felt it too much; you don’t need to wash with anything else and the water doesn’t have to be hot. The agitation felts things, as well as different water temps (hot/warm wash, cold rinse).

Yeah, I got that. I don’t understand what she means though because the project was made with cotton.

I wouldn’t wash cotton with jeans and towels. I really think it will just stop fuzzing/pilling after many normal washings and time. :shrug:

I think she missed the part about the cotton… :wink: