Help with shaping neckline

I am making my second sweater and need some help with instructions on shaping the neckline.

Pattern reads:

Transfer middle 20 sts to a holder (got that part) and finish each side separately. At the neckline edge (which side of the remaining stitches is the neckline edge–at the armhole part?) bind off further 3 sts once after the following row = 16 shoulder sts ramain. Bind off when the back meas full given length (does this include binding off the 20 sts on the holder?)

What does “once after the following row” mean?

Thanks for help!

The neckline stitches are the ones at each end of the holder–in the middle, where your neck is. :wink:

Since you have to bind off at the beginning of the row, work back across the shoulder you’re on, with it’s strand.

Bind off 3 at the edge of the other side and finish. Then work back across that shoulder, and bind off the stitches at the beginning of the other shoulder’s edge.

After that you work these two sides until the total length is the same as the back. Bind off each shoulder.

The stitches on the holder will be used to make the collar.

Thank you Ingrid. I think I got it!