Help with seaming please

I’m very bummed out. :verysad: I figured I’d knit my daughter a simple garter stitch blanket made out of blocks that I’d seam together because it would be easy and go fast (because she keeps stealing a favorite shawl of mine that’s out of the same fabric and I wanted her to have her own so I can have my shawl back! :teehee: ). What I wanted to do is to seam with a contrast color; kind of the same idea as a quilt with sashing strips (like the navy fabric pieces in this picture).

What I discovered is that all the seaming techniques I’ve come across are all for either an invisible seam, or for a seam which is only visible on one side. I’d like this to be a reversible blanket–the same on both sides.

So then I decided that perhaps the lack of a reversible blanket problem would be solved if I single crochet the blocks together, only to discover that I’m going to have the same problem–there will be a ridge on the right side, and the contrasting colored seam will only be visible on one side.

On another note, I slipped the first stitch because I wanted the edges to be neat and easier to seam, but it looks kind of sloppy to me and I’m fearful it won’t seam as nicely as I thought. Was slipping that first stitch a mistake to do?

So my questions are:
[ul]∙Is there a seaming technique that will allow the contrasting yarn to show on both sides? Did I miss something?[/ul][ul]∙Is slipping the first stitch of something that needs to be seamed a mistake? I think this is the same technique that Sally Melville used for her “Einstein Coat” to make the seams go easier and lay nicer, so I felt “safe” using the same technique.[/ul]
I wanted this blanket to be nice but a quicker project, but it’s turning out to be much more involved that I wanted it to be, and I’m afraid it’s not going to be nicely done when I finish it. Just because I wanted it to be a quicker project doesn’t mean it has to look crummy, does it? :crying:

I suppose I can pick up stitches around each block in the contrast yarn and then seam the blocks together invisibly, but this is going to take lots of extra time and lots of extra work, and hence, the whole point of doing individual blocks to try to make the project go quicker is kind of lost. Is there anything else I can do?

What about whip stitch? Visible on both sides.

Argh! Could it be that simple??? :gah: How did I miss that??? :doh: Thanks Jenelle!!! :muah: