Help with Ripple and Chain pattern


I have a scarf pattern in a ripple and chain stitch pattern that says "Cast on 33 stitches. Do not turn, but slide stitches to opposite end of the needle. Then the pattern goes like this:

Row 1: light colour - K1, *sl 1 with yif, K5, repeat from *, but end with K1. Turn

Row 2: light colour - p1, *sl 1 with yib, p5, repeat from *, but end p1. Slide

I don’t understand what they mean by sliding to opposite end of the needle? Any help would be much appreciated!

It means you use dpns or a circular needle where there’s two ends instead of one as on a regular straight needle.

aand iot means you are doing two rows knitting in the same direction

You knit across with one yarn, then slide the stitches back and knit across in the same direction with the other yarn.

awesome! Can’t wait to see the finished product. A very nice elderly lady gave me the pattern after admiring her scarf :slight_smile: