Help with ribbing decreases

Back nearly a year ago I tried this little pattern to learn both dpns and ribbing.

I had issues with keeping in the ribbing pattern, and also with keeping things tight between the needles. At the time, I chalked it up to inexperience and still learning to pay attention to the pattern.

So the other day I had a few minutes, and thought I’d “conquer” this little thing, since it should now be fairly easy, after making several projects with ribbing, etc.

But I think I’ve figured out the problem, and need help with how to work the decreases. The patter is a k1p1 ribbing. Every few rows it calls for a k2tog decrease at the beginning of the round and a ssk decrease the end of the round (I read that right, didn’t I?).

That means at the beginning you’ll knit together a knit and a purl, and the next stitch is a knit, so I just kept up with the knit/ purl patter to the last two stitches, which is knitting a knit and a purl together again (ssk).

Continuing with the next round, I know have two knits together, because I KNIT 2tog at the beginning of the previous row, and had knit for the next stitch…and then at the end, I have a similar situation.

This tells me that my previous attempts at this weren’t just inexperience, because at the beginning of the rounds, the k1p1 rib can’t seem to stay in pattern due to the decreases.

So…is this just a pattern “design feature,” or is there a way to do these decreases and keep the ribbing intact all the way around?

I think you’ll need to forget about keeping strictly in the rib pattern at the edges and follow the directions. Decreasing in ribbing is difficult. What sort of pattern is it, the link isn’t really a link.

I fixed the link. It’s just a little coffee cozy. I’m sticking with the instructions as best I can, and hoping for the best.

I see it now. You could make one of the decs a p2 tog, then you’d have a knit/purl next to each other.