Help with reading a pattern and doing a double wrap stitch in knitting.

My pattern says work in the double wrap as foll: purl the first wrap, bring the yarn to the back, knit through the back of the second wrap, p3tog. Please help!

Somebody come along and check my work so I don’t steer you horribly wrong. :smile:

I’m starting with a small stockinette swatch. I bet your pattern is nothing like this, but I want it to be uncomplicated so you can see what I’m doing.

I put a double YO on the previous row. Here’s how it’s lying on my needles as I begin the row:

So I’ll work the stitches in pattern until I reach that double YO. First I’ll insert the needle into the first loop of the double YO and purl it:

When I drop that first YO loop off my left needle, I’ve still got the other loop remaining. I move my working yarn behind the needle as if to knit.

But instead of knitting through the front of the loop, I need to knit through the back of the loop. I stick my right needle into the portion of the loop that lies behind the left needle. I pass the working yarn over the needle just like a regular knit stitch.

When I drop the second wrap of the double YO off of my left needle, I’ve got a hole in my knitting.

Now I bring the yarn to the front again to purl. I pass my right needle through THREE stitches in a row and then purl them as if they were a single stitch.

And this is what I’ve got when I’m done. I’ve got the same number of stitches as I started with: I added two stitches with the double YO, and removed two when I purled three together into one.

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Perfect Ouisi. The photos are a great help.

Welcome Nannieree!

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Thank you so much. The pictures did help. I understood it better. Thanks again.

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