help with Raglan increases on German short rows!!

hello- please help, I am so confused!!! I am knitting this top down Raglan jumper and am very confused with the pattern. I have just finished the collar and placed my markers for the sleeve/front/back division. The next step is to do German short rows whilst doing the raglan increases. In the attached pattern I am up to the ‘shaping the neck’. Can I confirm, that for those 2 rows (with the blue lines either side) I am not doing raglan increases, but simply slipping the markers and knitting as normal? Then can I also confirm, once I get to the section which says ‘Now the raglan increases start’, am I doing raglan increases every other row, or every single row?? Help is much appreciated!!

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The 2 rows marked in blue lines are two German short rows. No raglan increases for these 2 rows but you do have to work the short rows here.

The increases start in the next section beginning with row 1 under ‘Now the raglan increases start.’
Make the raglan increases every other row while working the short rows.

Thankyou SOOO much!!! This is so helpful! Could I also ask, every time it says ‘Yarn in front’ then ‘Yarn over’, am I essentially creating a double stitch/increase at that point by doing the yarn infront/over thing? I’m also confused as to why all the slipping of stitches as opposed to knitting it O.o ? Or is that just so that it is a smoother join with the rest of the work after knitting the German short rows? Thanks so much for your help!!

You’ve got it, essentially a double stitch. The turn, slip, yarn in front and yarn over are parts of the short row turn as they describe it. Just work the usual short row double stitch here.
Have fun working this classic!