Help with putting elastic in the brim of a hat

I need to put some elastic in the brim of my hat. It is a little loose around the edge and does not “hug” the head.

I’ve never done this before. Any tips or how to’s on doing this? I’ve got the elastic and am ready to go but am a little bit lost as to how exactly to do it. I was thinking I’d just kinda weave it in as best as I can without it showing on the “right” side.

Ok, here goes: Pick up as many stitches on the bottom edge of the hat as you started out with. Knit for however long. Pin the elastic on the band you just knitted. Then seam the part with the elastic on it to the bottom edge (the edge you picked up stitches from), removing the pins as you go.
I hope that helps

That’s a neat way of doing it, Conti, and new to me. If I read it right, you’re forming a small facing?

Another way, admittedly much less refined, is to use elastic thread (not flat elastic) and a tapestry needle. Weave several rows of the thread through the purl bumps on the inside edge of the hat. The rows should be about 1/2" apart. Pull the ends to the desired diameter and tie them off.

But I like your technique, and am looking forward to trying it.

Thanks. I didn’t know if it would make sense, the way I described it. If y’all need any help with the technique, just re-post

Wow. I’ll have to try that next time ContiKnitter. I ended up doing basically what knitasha said.