Help with purse straps... too long?

Hi everyone! Man its been way too long since I have posted on KH!

OK So a friend of my mom’s knitted me this beautiful purse! The straps are a little long and when I put my junk in the purse its weighs it down almost to my knees.

I tried a few things but nothing seems to look right. What should I do??? I love the purse and want to use it so badly!

and because I know you wanna see it…

It’s a way-cute purse - I can see why you’re anxious to use it!

My first ‘really simple’ solution is can you tie a knot in the strap, maybe 3-4 inches up from one side where it attaches to the purse. Or anywhere along the strap you’d like, really.

For a more involved fix - cut the strap. Unravel one side just so you can get the stitches onto a needle. Unravel the other side back to a length you want the strap to be. Then knit the 2 ends together.

I don’t know if this would work or look horrible but maybe you could sew a piece of stiff fabric or lightweight leather on the underside of the strap. This would keep it from stretching out so much. Cutting and unraveling and re knitting would scare the bejeepers out of me but you are probably more capable of that than I am!!!

It’s an awesome bag, good luck!!