Help with provisional cast on!

Hi all!
I really need help with provisional cast on…
I have watched the KH video, and know hoe to do it, the problem is that my stitches always become too loose to knit off when I finish…
Is there another way of doing this?
Also once I have mastered how to do it properly, how do I cast on with different colours?
Any advice greatly appreciated, Thank you in advance!

I found a great video at YouTube using a crochet needle and it made sense to me. Try looking at other videos as well.

Thats great, that looks like something I can handle.
But it doesn’t go on to show you how you would knit off of it? Would it be a case of just joining the ball of yarn again?

Yes, with any provisional cast on, you start knitting the sts with a new yarn end.

Im sorry… I must be really thick. I just started doing the cast on. In KH video you don’t need to cut the yarn, but in this other video you do… so what do I do next…?
I’m trying this with one colour first and I can’t even master that, I can’t even begin to understand how to do this with multiple colours :frowning:

Provisional cast on is temporary. You take out the entire base row latter. So I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t cut the end. You use a different color so it makes it easier to see where they join. Makes it easier to take out afterwards.

I use the version like Angela shows on the video. There is another crochet version where you knit into the bumps of a crochet chain. But in either case, they both are removed down the line.

Not to confuse things, but it is possible to use the crochet version (from the video) as a standard cast on. I think it is too loose. But in that case, it is permanent. You don’t cut the yarn. You have a bound edge. Not a provisional one.

You would use a piece of waste yarn. There was a video there that showed an excellent way to do that through a crochet chain, and I didn’t save it. I’ll post it once I find it.

Well I successfuly managed to do the cast on and knit off of it!
It might go horribly wrong when I have to unravel it though…
Thank you thank you thank you for all your advice!:muah:

Dilema! My provisinal cast on didn’t work! What did I do wrong? It wont unravel!
I used the crochet method, knitted of it like usual, tried to unravel and reveal live stitches, but it just got horribly tangled!
Do I have to knit through back loop or something?

No you shouldn’t, maybe you picked up one of the loops that was supposed to be unzipped. If you’re at the point where you have to pick up the sts, you’ll have to cut or pick it out, I think. Next time you can just do a cast on with another yarn, work one row in that yarn, then start with the working yarn. It won’t unzip, but you can cut or pick out the scrap yarn.

So you mean make a provisional cast on, then start knitting a few rows before I make my actuall start?
You’ll have to excuse my daftness…

ANY “provisional” cast on - no matter how it is done; will normally be removed;

So you can use waste yarn, cast on however you want, knit a few plain rows of knitting THEN start with your working yarn.

The “crochet chain” provisional cast on if done correctly allows you to “unzip” the chain, relasing the stitches. I find it as easy to cust away my waste yarn. In the long run, less time, less frustration, minimum therbligs.