Help with preventing garter stitch hem rolling

I am knitting a baby sweater from top down with a stockinette stitch body and a 1" garter stitch hem at the bottom. The hem is rolling at the center back. Does someone have a suggestion on why this is happening and how to resolve it?

Yep, that’s typical. The stockinette tendency to roll is so strong in can even make your border fold/roll up. You can try making the border twice as wide so there is more between the edge of the stockinette and the outer edge. On one sweater I sewed ribbon on the center part of the stockinette/border. Still wasn’t perfect, but helped. I think blocking can help in some cases depending on your yarn.

Thanks for the info. If after I block it still rolls I will try the ribbon approach.

I have struggled with this for years THEN I came up with an idea. (Tried this yesterday and YES it works) work 4 rows of garter stitch then instead of carrying on straight make the garter stitch border into points thus eliminating the straight edge at the end and prevent rolling. EG: first 4 rows garter st. (5th row) wrong side of work. p1 (k8,p2) rep to last st. P1 (6throw) k. (7th row) p2 (k6,p4) rep to last 2 sts. P2 (8th row) k. (9th row) p3 (k4,p6) rep to last 3 sts. P3 (9th row) k (10th row) p4 (k2,p8) rep to last 4 sts. Purl 4 you are now ready to start stocking st starting with k row. This is based on a multiple of 10 sts. But I’m sure you can adapt this to you number of stitches. This really does work, it is not bulky around the hem and looks a lot nicer

I was just about to embark on a scarf and growled at the thought of rolling ends. Your suggestion sounds perfect for the scarf, I will practice this before I start. Thanks!!

I do a couple of reverse stockinette rows, find it helps with the rolling.