Help with Poncho!

Help with my poncho Please!!. Last year I was crocheting a poncho for myself. I crocheted two rectangles and put them together like the baby poncho on the home page here. But I have a problem. I worked for a long time on my lunch hour getting the rectagles the same size. Put them together and it too big and heavy. And the neck hole is too big too. Is there anyway I can fix this? If not how hard is it to undo crocheting that has had the ends weaved in? Sorry, if this seems like stupid questions. But I have never crocheted anything but a forever growing granny square. Thanks.

Hi Wanda!

You could probably attach yarn on the neck hole, and crochet a few rounds inside it. That would make it smaller. As far as it being too big and heavy, I’m not sure what you could do to help that. Maybe you could make a few more rectangles, and unattach the ones you have, realign them with the new ones and make a really cozy blanket with it instead. (Don’t forget to crochet a border around all of your pieces once they’re attached!) Then, if you’re feeling ambitious, get some lighter-weight yarn and try your poncho again. Hope this helped.

i think the best thing to do is undo the ends u weaved in and just frog a little bit of both squares and just try it on without sewing them together until you get it the size you want. that way the neck opening wont be as wide as well.