Help with pockets

I am currently working on a long cabled coat, problem is I am at the pocket and have NO clue how to do it. The pocket is seperate from the pattern and now it is time to add it with the lining. Can anyone help? I am ready to toss the project

What pattern are you using and what are the instructions given for the pocket?

The pattern is a Long Cabled Coat from Mary Maxim. The pocket is seperate and the pattern states to place the pocket lining: work in pattern to marker, slip marker, place the next 18 sts on st holder for pocket trim, with right side of pocket lining facing, work in pattern over 18 sts of pocket lining, work in pattern over rem 1 sts on needle. Continue in patterns as before until piece measures 32" from beg, ending after wrong side row.
My pocket lining is on seperate yarn and you do not bind it off. I do not understand how to continue. This is my first project with pockets. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a great day.

When you do this type of pocket, you’ll be replacing the sweater stitches with the pocket stitches.

So you’ll work across to where the pocket is supposed to go, then put the sweater stitches on a holder and knit across the pocket stitches instead.
This leaves an opening for your hand between the sweater andd the pocket lining. Later on, you’ll sew the other edges of the pocket in place and probably add a trim to the stitches that are on the holder.

Make sense?

there are 2 (major) kind so pockets,

Knit in place, and sewn on after.

You have a knit in place pocket.

so you have to knit the pocket! (a pocket “flap”)

(cast on, and knit in stocking knit for how ever many inches are needed)
the last half inch of the pocket should be in the pattern stitch (if that isn’t stocking knit) at the last row of the pocket, knit onto a double pointed needle (or a dpn)–or slip the worked stitches onto a DPN
leave the stitches on a double pointed needle (don’t bind off!)
leave a LONG TAIL (18 or so inches!) (tied up into a little butterfly ball)

work to pocket placement (OK you did that!)

PUT some stitches (POCKET CUFF) on to holder,
(you now have a big gap in the knitting! )
to fill that gap, knit the pocket flap into the gap!

after you knit the pocket in place, continue the row.

(by row 2, the join will look better, by row 4 it will look great!)

Later you’ll finish the pocket-
1–you’ll pick up the stitches from stitch holder, and knit the cuff/edge of the pocket.(and sew it in place)

2–you’ll take that long tail and sew the flap of the pocket to the main part of the knitting.(on the inside!)

(detail–to look for:
1–pocket flap often has 2 extra stitches (and when inserting you K2tog/ssk on each edge–these stitches are for the seaming

2–you often increase 2 stitches on cuff (same deal, extra stitches for the seam)

the pattern stitch at the top edge helps the pocket fit nicely, and match gauge

Thanks to you for your help. I am off to see if I can do this. It is sounding like it makes more sense.

Thank you sooooo much for all the help. I have one side of the coat almost completed. I was trying way to hard, and none of it was making sense. Thanks for everyone I understood it and was very grateful.:yay: