Help with pattern

This is about the same French Trapper Hat that I mentioned before. I am almost ready to start the actual cap now and I have to use larger needles.

But there is a part in the instructions that I’m not sure about. Please see if you can explain this to me. I underlined the part that confuses me.

:doh: Gah…I hate that website. They make you give them your email to view the website and then thank you like you had a choice! Ugh.


*K in next 23, inc, repeat from * across.

Knit the next 23 stitches and then increase. Since it doesn’t seem to say what type of increase I’d just do an M1. [I](That’s where you put the left needle under the thread that’s between the stitches and knit it. Here’s a good video - )
Repeat from * means you do the same thing all the way across till you get to the end-
K in next 23, increase
K in next 23, increase

Thanks, Jan. I think I can manage now that I know what it means. :slight_smile: