Help with pattern

Im fairly new to knitting so I need some help deciphering this pattern. (this is for a hat by the way,

Top decrease - Work * knit 2 together * across row, repeating between *'s across.
( 36 sts )
Knit across next row.
Last row - * K 1, K next 2 sts together *, repeating between *'s across row. ( 24 sts).

thats the part Im having trouble with. What does the * mean, “repeating between *'s across.”? Also, am I supposed to knit two together for the entire row to cut my stitches in half all at once?


*'s are used so often in knitting–you repeat what is between them. So on your first row, yes, you are knitting 2 tog all the way across.

thank you!!