Help with pattern

i am making a baby blanket and new to knitting self teaching. it says to place a marker after a certain amount of stitches and then on the following row it says to slip marker. could someone please help me? thanks:knitting:

A marker is a plastic or metal circle, or a loop of a different yarn you put on the needle to mark a stitch pattern repeat or where you make increases or decreases. When you come to the marker on the following rows, you slip it from the L needle to the R. Don’t knit into it.

Jemarques, that just means that when you come to your marker you just slip it from your left needle to your right. Markers are used to help you keep your place in a pattern or to mark the beginning of a round if you’re knitting on circular needles.

you can use anything that hangs around your needle and is not in the way.
just use a piece of string, maybe 2 inches long. Tie it so it forms a loop. Then hang that onto the needle. when you get to it, just transfer it to the other needle.

Your pattern will tell you what to do when you get to the marker - you do something before or after the marker (you decrease, increase, change the stitch, get to a pattern repeat — or anything that you do within a row…)

pictures of stitch markers

[LEFT]stitch markers in use[/LEFT]

If you don’t have any stitch markers, just use a piece of leftover yarn. You don’t have to loop it. Just lay it between the stitches. I’ve been using yarn scraps the whole time I’ve been knitting. Scraps don’t take up much space. And they are easy. And you probably have scraps lying around (I keep extras in a margerine tub.)