Help with pattern

Hi my name is Angie and I’m having a problem with a pattern it tells me to w&t I do know that this means wrap and turn but do I wrap the yarn around the stitch or the needle? Here is the part of the pattern that I am talking about…
[COLOR=“Red”]Hood Section:
Change to CC.
Row 1: K36, w&t
Row 2: K35, w&t
Row 3: K34, w&t
Row 4: K33 w&t
Repeat in this manner (knitting to the st before the wrapped st, then working a w&t) until 1 st
(the center st) remains unwrapped.
Row 1: K2, w&t
Row 2: K3, w&t
Row 3: K4, w&t
Row 4: K5 w&t
Repeat in this manner until all wrapped sts have been worked. Bind off[/COLOR]

[COLOR=“Black”]Thanks in advance for your help[/COLOR]:knitting:

If you wrap around the needle, you’ll be increasing by a stitch, so you don’t want to do that. You’ll be actually wrapping the stitch itself to prevent a hole when you do the short row.

The video on short rows on the Advanced Techniques page shows how to wrap a stitch:

Thank you so very much

Just to add to the video or in case you have trouble with videos like I do (slow dial up connection)…All of your warps are done on knit rows because you are doing garter stitch from what I see. When you come to where you want to wrap you keep the yarn in the back and slip the next stitch as if to purl, then bring the yarn to the front between the needle tips. Then move the stitch you slipped back to the left hand needle. Turn (exchange the needles in your hands) and the yarn is in the back so you can continue knitting.

There’s an article on W&T that has a few pictures so that may help you - Short rows