Help with pattern

Hi this is Heather Kerkman
I would appreciate some help with the attached pattern
On the 7th row the pattern changes to C6B and C6R
On the 9th row it just states to pattern 26.
Do I repeat the C6B and C6R until I get to the 21st row and then do K6 on the 21st, 23rd,25th row as in 3rd, 5th row or do I just carry on with the C6B and C6R for all odd rows.
Also pattern states to work tbl stitches from previous row. So if I have done a k1tbl on previous row I’m assuming I would do a pl tbl on the next row
Hope I’m asking questions clearly. Any help would be appreciated

Welcome to the forum!

The pattern adds in the C6B and C6R on row 7 but the C2B and C2F continue. Work the C6B or C6R again every 6 rows as the end of row 7 states (the last 6 rows form the cable panels).

Pattern 26 means to continue working those sts as knits or purls (knit the Vs and purl the bumps).

On row 4 the pattern tells you to work the ktbl as ptbl on the following row.

We can’t post large portions of patterns here due to designer copyrights. You can post a couple of rows (or photograph a blocked off portion of the pattern) but please use the pencil icon in the lower right to edit your post and remove the complete pattern pages.

Thank you so much. I removed the pattern. I apologize for this. It was a free pattern and I wasn’t aware of your copyright rules
You clarified what I need to do. Once again Thankyou

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