Help with pattern

Hi can anyone help me please. I have a baby hoodie pattern and struggling with the hoodie part. I can send a copy of the pattern

I have an email address.

Thank you so much

Sounds intriguing could you share which part of the hoodie you are struggling with to get the best help.

Hi Maureen,
I may not know how to help, but it’s so rare I run into someone with the same spelling of their name, thought I could give it a try.


Both my parents were Irish reckon that’s why lol. Hope you are well


Yes, thank you. Hope you are too. Mine were not directly Irish, but there is some back there aways.

Oh right. I’ve a few cousins who are Maureen’s. Think there were so many in the family they ran out of names ha ha

Did you figure out how to work the hoodie? You can quote a few rows that are causing the problem. Don’t post a large portion of the pattern due to copyright. What is the name of your pattern?