Help with pattern.


Hi , I’m very new to knitting and I’m having trouble with the Sirdar Sweetie Sleeping bag. I’m knitting the border, but I’m struggling with the pattern and what it is asking.
Cast on 260 sts
1st row: P1 k1 rep to end
Next rows 3 X same
Next row Rib 4 cast off 2 sts, (rib 18 cast off 2 STS) 4 times, Rib to end
Next row Rib to last 80, cast on 2 sts ( rib 19 cast off 2 STS) 4 times, k4.
I have managed the first 4 rows, but am having trouble afterwards. It just doesn’t look right.


Welcome to KH!
Is this pattern knit flat or in the round?
Maybe these are buttonholes? If so then the second row should have you casting on sts over the places where 2sts were cast off, rib 19, cast on 2sts and repeat with a cast on each time.


Hi. It’s knit flat. They are button holes I need 5, but it definitely tells me to cast off 2 STS. Also the numbers do t add up. I’ve already completed, but it doesn’t look right so I started again.


I couldn’t get the numbers to add up but i was missing the number of sts after the repeat where you rib to the end. What is that number?

Since these are buttonholes, it should be cast on in row 2, at the place where the 2sts were cast off.

What is the number of this pattern?