Help with pattern

I’m doing 12 rows of a 2 x 2 rib. I don’t know what this instruction mean “INCREASE 3 stitches evenly across last row”. Does it just mean a M1 and are the increased stitches supposed to be consecutively next to each other?. Thanks!

Hi there, the increases are spread out as evenly as possible across the row and usually made with the second of the two knit stitches by knitting into the front then back of the same stitch.
This video shows how, sorry it’s a bit long - but quite interesting never the less. (The footage about increasing in 2x2 rib starts about 21/2 mins in :wink:) Hope this helps you and good luck with your project.

So, if I have 106 stitches, where do I increase the 3 stitches, please? Thank you!

I’d probably make 1 increase in the second of the k2 sts at the start of the row, 1 at a k2 around the middle or 50 to 56 stitch point along the row and the last increase at the end of the row in the second to last of the k2 sts. :grin:

Oh! Thank you! That’s really helpful!

Here’s a website that’s been SUPER helpful to me when I need to know where to increase evenly:

You fill in the spaces with the appropriate amount of stitches and it tells you where to place the increases.


Thanks, Knitcindy. That’s a great help!

No problem! I use it all the time!!