Help with pattern
heres the whole pattern but I just have a question about the front it says – FRONT work as for back including all shaping . And at same time,when piece meas 22" Is this a miss print or what? And at same time what?

:thinking: I’m thinking “at the same time” means…start the neck shaping at 22 in (or whatever)? I’m not sure…it is written different than I’ve seen. It’s a pretty cute sweater, too!

Keep reading–at the same time Begin Neck Shaping

You guys are so smart!!! I’ve never seen it keep going to next topic like that before.BUT then I haven’t knitted that many sweaters .Thanks again for your help :happydance: :happydance:

Wow, that sweater has shockingly few instructions, doesn’t it?? :smiley:

oh ya where exactly do I start for a 3 needle bind off at shoulders?

It calls for step decreases at the shoulders over three rows. If I were doing this sweater, I’d just ignore those decreases, knit an extra three rows and leave the shoulder stitches live for the three needle bind off. I don’t see that this sweater needs that kind of shaping.

If, however, you want to do the step decreases, you’ll need to do short row shaping in anticipation of three needle bind off, where you work up to where the bound off stitches would have been, that is up to the last 5, w&t, and go back. Keep doing this for each of the bind offs, then knit another row and pick up the wraps. As I said, hardly worth the trouble.

Thanks AGAIN Ingrid!!!I will for sure do the easy way :happydance:

Three needle bind off is the best thing I ever learned! :thumbsup:

I’ve only done it on clogs so I can hardly wait to see how shoulder seams look.Is there a shoulder seam I couldn’t use it on?

Since I learned how to do this, I’ve never done a shoulder seam any other way. My sewing skills must be sub-par, because that was always the part of anything I knit that seemed to ruin it for me. I’ve yet to see a shoulder that this couldn’t be used for.

Between mattress stitch for seams and this for shoulders, I really believe that’s what spurred me to pick up knitting with a vengence again.

Well I have the fronts to do and one sleeve and this will be my first sewing job.I’m kind of freaked out because everyone hates seams :shock: but I’m gonna give it my best shot! :thumbsup: My son got a digital camera so maybe I 'll get him to take some pics :smiley:

I dislike seaming mainly because it’s not knitting. Mattress really isn’t bad, though, and the result is well worth it.