Help with pattern translation (total newbie question)

Hi, knitters! I’m planning to attempt this very simple pattern, but I’m confused by the phrasing (this is just part of the whole thing):

Work in Moss st for 3 Rows
Work in Stockinette st for 12 Rows (you should end up with a purl row).
Start with Double Moss stitch, and repeat the pattern rows 6 times, ending with row4.

What does “repeat the pattern rows” mean in this case? I mean, which part am I repeating, the moss, the stockinette, the double moss…? Sorry for the dumb question and thank you for any help!

Welcome to KH.
There is a four row pattern to “double moss” stitch. So that is what you repeat.

“Double Moss stitch:
Row1-2: k1,p1
Row3-4: p1,k1” repeat these four rows a total of 6 times (or a total of twenty-four rows).

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