Help with pattern please

I am knitting a cardigan using a King Cole pattern. I am shaping the shoulders but have 1 stitch left on my needle. The pattern in the notes says after casting off one stitch will remain on the right hand needle which is not included in the instructions that follow.
What am i supposed to do with that stitch pls?

What is the name of your pattern?
Read ahead and see if there is anywhere later in the pattern that that one stitch is accounted for. Is it meant to be the start of a border or collar, for example.
If it isn’t mentioned later on then fasten off the stitch by cutting the yarn leaving a 6 inch tail and pull the tail through. Worst thing that happens, you’ll have to add in a new strand of yarn later.

Hello it is king cole chunky 5676. To be honest not sure how to carry on as i have this one stitch need to carry on casting off on next row unless i am doing it wrong. Could i send you a screen shot of that part of the instruction please?

You can send a screen shot or post a couple of rows of the pattern but just send a small portion of the pattern please. We can’t post large portions of patterns due to designer copyright.

One thought, when you cast off, it should be at the beginning of a row so that you avoid having a single orphan stitch at the end of a row. Even when a pattern says cast off so many sts at each end of a row, cast off at the beginning of that row, work to the end, turn and cast off at the beginning of the next row.

Hi yes is the pattern. I have attached the piece where i am at. I have got 65 stitches in total before starting this. I presume i just carry on following the fishermans rib as i knit

Yes, carry on with the Fisherman’s rib making sure that the pattern ribs stay aligned.
The cast off is always at the beginning of “the next 2 rows” or at the beginning of the following 2 rows. So you’re never casting off at the end of a row which leaves that pesky single stitch on the needle. Yes, the cast offs will be offset by a row but this will be a small fraction of an inch and won’t be noticeable.

If you would like, you can use a sloped bind off which gives you a nicer edge for seaming.

Thank you the sloped bind off is alot neater.

What do i do with the one stitch left over?

At the end of all the bind offs, cut the yarn leaving about a 6 inch tail to weave in later. Then lift your needle and simply pull the yarn end through the stitch. Here’s a video that makes it much clearer.

Great thank you for your help.
I try to choose patterns that are easy but something always crops up. Glad i found your forum or else i would have a lot of wasted wool.

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Thank you so much. My yarn should arrive tomorrow and I can’t wait to get started! I will look up the crochet part and experiment first.
Many thanks for your time and effort. The edge does look beautiful in the picture but I was going to use the cable cast on if I couldn’t find out how to do it.
Best regards

Re Rhodiola and Tubular cast on

I have tried a few different ways but they all end up with an odd number of stitches. Michele Wang asks for an even number of stitches. Going by the fences (posts and panels) principle an even number of stitches is impossible. Unless you add a yarn over at the end. I don’t think it’s easy to execute! The method in the tutorial says k1 p1 to the end but I don’t know how that’s possible.
It might matter in Rhodiola if the tweed stitch is meant to align with the rib in some way.
Thanks for your help.