Help with pattern please

Hi everyone - I’m a new knitter and are struggling with this pattern - it’s a jumper for my baby :slight_smile:
The last bit says to repeat the last two rows x3 and I’m not sure which rows 1-4 it means??

Welcome to KH and to knitting!
Continue working yoke pattern rows 1-4. The last row was the center bind off on a row 4. Start working the shoulder with row 1 but now including the k2tog decrease. Work row 2 of the pattern and continue with rows 3 and 4. On the odd number rows work the decrease.
Can you tell us the name of the pattern?

Thank you for the prompt reply! It’s the button neck child’s sweater from the big book of knitting. So I decrease on row 1 and 3 ? And do I not repeat rows? It’s the last bit I’m stuck on - “rpt last 2 rows x 2 (2,3,4)” (I’m knitting the 3rd size so it would be rpt last 2 rows x3 but I’m not sure which rows from 1-4 need repeating?

Repeat the Dec row and the one row following it. You’ll be decreasing on the odd number rows.
Both of these rows tell you to work in the yoke pattern.
So work row 1 of the yoke pattern with the dec in the last 3sts, then work row 2 yoke pattern, no decrease.
Work row 3 yoke pattern with a dec in the last 3 sts, then work row 4 yoke pattern, no dec.
Work row 1 again with dec and row 2 no dec. and so on.
Remember to take into account the fact that you’ve decreased sts. You want to keep the yoke pattern aligned with previous rows.

Ok thanks I’ll give it a try!

Please could I have some more help with this pattern - I’m starting the right shoulder now so will decrease (k1, k2tog) at the beginning instead of the end but then do I start at the beg of the pattern e.g. For row 1 at (k1, p1) x4 or do I deduct 3 sts ?
Thanks in advance!

That’s right, dec at the beginning of a row and start the pattern 3sts in. This is where it’s important to look at your knitting. You want the yoke pattern to continue as seamlessly as possible. Of course the decrease is going to interrupt it at the edge, just as it did on the left front but you don’t want the pattern columns to jog out of register with each other.
You can work a k2tog here if that’s easy or you can use a ssk (slip, slip, knit). The k2tog slants up and to the right. The ssk slants up and to the left so it will mirror the decrease on the left front.

Thank you- you’re so knowledgeable!!

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