Help with pattern, please

Hi folks! I am struggling to understand a piece of a new pattern I’m about to start. It reads:

“When work measures N from beg, shape armholes. On each edge, cast off 3 st once, 2 st once and 1 st twice. AT THE SAME TIME shape neck. Cast off N center stitches.”

So my first question is, where it says “on each edge” would I do both right and left on the same side of the work (RS or WS) or would I bind off 3 on the right edge only on both RS and WS of work?

Second, if I have bound off center stitches on the first RS row, let’s say (because it says at the same time), how do I get back across from the right to the left of those bound off stitches on the WS of my work?

I’m clearly missing something. Any help would be appreciated!

You can really only cast off sts at the beginning of a row. In order to cast off at each edge, begin the row (RS) by casting off 3sts, work to the end of the row, turn to the WS and cast off 3sts then finish the WS row.
Because of the bind off of the center sts for the neck, you’ll need to use 2 balls of yarn or 2 ends from the same ball.
So the first bind off row becomes: bind off 3sts, work to the given number of center sts, drop the yarn strand and join a new strand. Use the new strand to bind off the center sts and to work to the end of the row.

Thank you so much! I suspected that the bind offs needed to happen at right edge only.

And I have knitted before where I joined a new ball but since the pattern did not mention, I was not certain that was what needed to be done.

I appreciate your help :slight_smile: