Help with pattern: Knitted Lurcher, Claire Garland

Hi, I have (surprisingly) got a long way into this pattern! Goes to show if you just start the pattern, it is easier than just looking at it!
I just need help with the ‘Paw’. I have done 1 as per the instruction, but I’m stuck as to how to do the increases on 2nd…she usually gives detailed instructions for everything, and I’m not that proficient a knitter to know how to reverse shaping…
Hope my question is clear…

Amazingly detailed dog. Often the shaping can be reversed by working at the other end of a row. So increases at the beginning of a row can be changed to the end of the row or vice versa.
If you’d like, you can quote the directions for shaping the first paw. Don’t give us a large portion of the pattern please. We can’t post large portions of patterns due to designer copyright.

Thank you for your response! Here is excerpt:

V… Paw

Make sure that the paw shaping is ready to be worked with increases facing

forward - this will be different for both legs due to the front and back of the

i cord and in order for it to be correct the shaping will need to be reversed on

one leg

Increase rnd K2, kfb, - continue as i cord - 4sts

Next rnd K4 - continue as i cord

Next rnd K2 tog, k1, kfb - continue as i cord

Next 2 rnds K4 - continue as i cord.

Cast off

Thank you for looking!


You’ll have to give it a try maybe on a small swatch to be sure but it looks like
the first round would be i-cord, kfb, k2.
The second and fourth would be i-cord, k4,
The third would be i-cord, kfb, k1, k2tog (or ssk whichever looks better)

Thank you! I’ll give that a go, see how it turns out!

Ok, let us know how it turns out.

I totally understood your instructions and so all became clear.

To look at side by side, there seems very little in it. I think because the i-cord looks pretty much the same either way.

When I sew him up it may be different!

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Looking forward to seeing your lurcher.