Help with pattern 'Jesse's Basic Toe-up Sock

Am new to knitting socks (magic loop) and am getting on very well , managing to correct my mistakes as I go along. However, I am beaten by the following in the pattern named above…
It involves the Heel Cupstrong text****: Knitting rows 1-4, ‘Repeating Rows 3 + 4 until there are three unwrapped stitches left, ending with a knit row’

Not sure what that means. Can anyone help? Are three unwrapped stitches another way of saying three stitches left?

Sorry for being so dim!

Yes, that’s it. The wrapped sts are from the short rows which continue until there are 3 sts left (the 3 unwrapped sts).

So, when I have reached the limit of those three stitches on the knit side, I then turn to start on the next stage ?(which begins with a purl row). May sound obvious, but clearly not to me!!

Very reasonable question at this point. Yes turn to work the directions for the next section which starts on the purl row.

Thank you, thank you!. It’s obvious when you know how!! Funny how some instructions floor you, yet others you can understand quickly…the magic of knitting!!

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So, all good, except…Bear in mind I have redone this section 4 times; I have correct number stitches, but each time I reach the end part of Row 4/Heel Flapstrong text****- 'S1,k1 to 1st stitch before gap, there are only enough stitches to do Slip 1.

I have tried to understand why this might be, but I have followed the pattern 4 times now and cannot see where I am going wrong

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But you have 3 stitches? Sl the first one, knit the 2nd one, and now you’re at the 1st stitch before the gap. Then you’ll continue with your wrap and turn–

You’re doing toe up with a faux heel flap? Check this out. It’s how I learned to do them. The stitch count is different but the basic technique is the same.


Thank you!

Can I ask one more question?

When I have finished the heel flap, I can then go to change back to the colour. However, as the next row is Purl, one can see ‘the join’ for that next row?

I am thinking, to keep for one more row in the existing colour, doing the K2,P2, until I get to the next knit row, and srejoin mc from there instead?


You can do that or you can work a row of knit sts in the middle of the rib. It’s not noteceable and it avoids the dots, too.

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Thank you, great advice!