Help with pattern iPod Cozy

I got an iPod nanofor Christmas. I would like to make this cozy for it. But I have never knitted in the round. Therefore, I would like to knit it flat. Can you please help me to understand how I would go about doing that?


You could cast on half the stitches (maybe add two extra to allow for the seaming) and knit stockinette for double the length of the ipod, then fold it in half and seam up the sides. The stockinette will curl, but because you are seaming it up it shouldn’t matter.

That is a great idea! Thanks!

Could someone please tell me if this would work…

Cast on 20 stitches. Leaving a long tail for seaming.
Work in St Stitch for 32 rows.

Bind off row… Bind off 17 stitches. With the final 3 stitches, work icord for desired length.

With long tail that was left for seaming, seam the side and the bottom.

Attach icord to other side.

It will work but as reeny posted, you might want to add a couple of stitches for the seam. If you make it the same size as the one knit in the round, yours will be a bit smaller because of the seam.

Knitting in the round isn’t difficult at all and will open up lots of knitting possibilities. Why don’t you take a look at the videos on this site and try it? Worst case is you frog your work several times and have to start over. Best case is you learn a new skill.

You could, but I don’t really see the point in seaming up the bottom. I’m guessing you are planning on making it in two pieces? If you make it in one piece, you would only have side seams to sew.

However, I am with zkimom. Knitting in the round is the BEST way to knit imho, and I do it whenever it is an option. It beats he back and forth, and extra seaming needed for flat knitting. Plus, it goes so fast, especially with stockinette when all you have to do is knit. Of course, if you don’t have the right needles (DPNs, or a long circ. for magic loop) then you have no choice but to knit it flat. But don’t avoid knitting in the round just because you never tried it before.

ETA. Also, if you are casting on 20 and then seaming up the sides your project will have twice as many stitches as the one in the pattern. If you are using a smaller gauge, or have a larger ipod this might be what you want, otherwise you should only co 10.

Ok… Here’s the deal…

I tried Magic Loop and it was a disaster to say the least. So… I am knitting it flat. I cast on 22 stitches. I am doing st st for 32 rows. Then I have to do the icord. When I am finished. I will fold it in half… seam one side and the bottom. Then attach the other end of the icord. Then I will have a finished product that is 32 rows tall my 10 sts wide.

My next question… how to start the icord.

The pattern (which is knitted in the round with 20 sts) calls for K1, bind of 17. Which leave 3 stiches. The first one that was knit and the final 2. Put these 3 stitches on a DPN and do icord.

HERE is my question… since I am knitting it flat with 22 sts (I added 2 for seaming)… the fist and last st will be used for seaming… so how would I start my icord?

If I bind off all stitches except the last 3… the last stitch will be used for seaming. So, I’m not sure of were to put the icord, or if I should just bind off, seam it up and do the icord seperate and attach it later.

PLEASE HELP!!! I hope this all makes sense. :hair:

I don’t think I’d worry about saving the last stitch for seaming. I would probably just go ahead with the i-cord and then fudge a bit on that “first” stitch when seaming. You have the piece in front of you though, so you’ll be able to tell what’s going to look the best.

When I knit up stockings recently, I did the i-cord separately and attached it when I was done.

Thanks for everyone’s help. I am going to knit a smaller one for my iPod Shuffle. I will also be knitting it flat. Thanks!