Help with pattern - circular needles

Hey everyone,
I’ve been an avid reader but it’s my first time posting. I’m doing this tunic: and I’m stuck.
I know that when knitting in the round you read the chart always from the right (is that right?). But this pattern asks for turning the work inside out before starting with the pattern from the chart. So how do I read the chart when the WS is on the outside?
Also, after I turn the work inside out do I continue knitting off the LH needle (with the yarn on the RH needle) or do I need to switch that too?
Thanks a bunch!

Yes, charts are read from right to left on the RS, so I guess you would read this one from left to right if you’re going to be working on the WS only. If you knit in the round after turning, the first round you start with the yarn on the left needle, but if you don’t turn again, then the yarn will always be on the right needle, just as when you knit on the RS in the round.

Thanks! I’m tempted to forget the whole turning the work inside out thing and just forge ahead from the RS and do the chart right to left.
Why does one turn the work inside out anyway? And when it’s inside out what’s front and back of the work? (while doing cables)

Front and back is always what’s facing you or away from you, regardless of whether it’s the RS or the WS. I have no clue why you’re to work from the WS, I do know that you can cable that way. Try it RS out and see how it goes.