Help with pattern Baby Tree of Life Throw

Has anyone made the free Lion Brand Pound of Love Baby Tree of Life Throw? If so, please help! For row 1 *K4 and then work row 1 of Twin Trees pattern for 40 sts; rep from * once more, K4. Okay I get that it equals out to the 92 sts CO.
Row 2 *P4 work Row 2 of Twin Trees for 40 sts, rep from * once more, P4. Get that.
Continue in established pattern followingn row by row instructions for 50 rows. 2-7 I have no problem, just k the k and p the p.

Here I am stuck: Row 8: P12, M1, k4, M1, P12 - 42 sts. If you repeat just this pattern you will have worked 84 sts, what do you do with the other 8?
From then on the even rows have me confused Row 10 you will work the pattern and have 44 sts, that accts for 88 stitches, what about the other 4 since you CO 92?
This continues llike this throughout the rest of this pattern, some rows wind up with 48 stitches after the pattern so again how do you do this on 92 sts?
Sorry if this is confusing the way I wrote it but it is a free pattern on Lion Brand if someone wants to read it there. Thanks,:??

The chart doesn’t contain the k4 at the beginning and end of the rows. Does that make sense with what you have so far?

It looks like at row 8 they neglect to put that in the written directions, but have the center 4 included. That would account for the 8 missing stitches.

You increase on this row, so on row 10, you’re still ‘missing’ stitches but they’re likely the initial and final 4.

The chart doesn’t show any of the added stitches like the beginning of the instructions have so I am very confused still. Not sure when or where I add beginning 4 or ending 4 stitches, doesn’t make sense in the written instructions or the chart. Going to try to wrap my brain around this today, got too late last night and started just confusing me. Thanks for responding.

The set up row for the pattern is to k4, work the 40st chart, k4, work the 40st chart, k4. That gives you the placement for the chart pattern. The simpleast thing to do is place a marker after the first k4, after 40sts, after the next 4sts, again after 40sts. There are increases in the Tree pattern (and later decreases) but as long as you slip the markers and maintain the 4sts at the beginning, between the Trees, and at the end, you’ll be fine.
It won’t matter if the 40sts increase to 42sts or 44sts just work the chart between your markers.

I know I am making this harder than it needs to be but, I did the set up rows k4, pattern over 40, k4, pattern over 40 and k4. So the other rows just do K4, do the pattern stitches (no matter how many stitches in the pattern), K4, do pattern again and k4? Only use the markers after 40 for that first set up row right? Once I do those first 2 set up rows, it says to continue for 50 rows which is how many this part of the pattern is, so I actually begin row 1 now? Not sure why I am being so dense over this.

“So the other rows just do K4, do the pattern stitches (no matter how many stitches in the pattern), K4, do pattern again and k4?” Yes, that’s it. Use the markers before and after the 40sts chart pattern on the initial row and then continue to move the markers up row by row. The markers make it easier to count the pattern sts and to see when to start the pattern chart. They’re there to set off the 4 edge sts on each side and the 4 middle sts between chart repeats.
Once you do the set up row (row1) and the back side of the throw (row2), start the chart with row3.

You are fantastic! Thank you so much. I knew there had to be an easy explanation and you did it for me.

I am stuck on row 8 of the Twin tree pattern. I knit 4, then did pattern, knit 4 pattern again and I have 8 stitches left. What to do?

Hi Kathy and welcome!
Row 8 is a continuation of the pattern set up in rows 1 and 2. There aren’t any increases or decreases so you should end up as you did on the other rows. Are the tree trunks lining up as knit columns? Are you ignoring the grey boxes which are “no stitch” boxes?
I recommend adding in stitch markers as noted in the post above. They are especially useful in the upper rows of the chart where there are increases and decreases.
Are you making the adult version or the baby throw?

Hi there and thank you! Row 8, I was doing-P12, M1, k4, M1, P12 - 42 sts. I was also knitting 4 stitches at the beginning of this pattern and then knit 4 and did pattern again. I ended up with 8 stitches left over at the end of the row.

OK, this is the baby throw:
Row 8 starts with p4 and then the chart. The chart row is p12, m1, k4, p8, k4, m1, p12 (42sts). The make one is made by lifting the thread between the needles. Is that what you’re doing?
You should start with 92sts: 4-40-4-40-4. On row 8 you’ll finish with 96sts.
If all this sounds right, you might go back and put in markers between the chart sts and the intervening knits and see if the counts work out.

Oh yes, sorry meant to mention it was the baby throw. And thanks so much, will try the markers

Hi again! I am now doing the Garden pattern and was wondering if Row 3 is the K1b (twisted stitch) again like Row 1 or just K1b.

It’s again a twisted stitch. The stems of the flowers are a column of twisted knits and purls.

ah, thank you!

Do you start Row 19 of the flower garden pattern with purling so many first?

It looks like the baby throw starts right in with the stitch where you pull up a loop from beside the base of the stem. You should be on the 4th stitch from the stem when you work this, then purl 3 and you’re at the twisted stem stitch.

Oh yes, that’s right! I missed the first stem some how! Thanks