Help with Olive's Tights knitting pattern


I am new to German short rows and have a question about an instruction on my pattern for Olive’s Tights by Knitting with Olive.

If the instruction is "Short-Row 2 (WS): Ds, p13 (15, 17), tw” does this mean I wrap my yarn around to form the double stitch, purl, then purl an additional 13 (15, 17)? Or do I just wrap my yarn then purl 13 (15, 17)?

Any help is much appreciated!

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Form the double stitch and then purl the given number (13,15 or 17) for your size.
You can see it here:

German short rows are a very handy way to work short rows without some of the fussiness of wrap & turn. Both work nicely as do several other short row techniques so it’s a matter of personal preference.
The tights are adorable.
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