Help with Neck Shaping

I am making a Sally Melville “Not Your Mother’s Suit Coat” and am completing the back of the coat. I am having problems with the neck shaping and couldn’t find the answer in previous posts.

The instructions say:
Next RS row K13 (sts of right shoulder). Turn, leaving 27 stitches behind.
Next WS row P.
Next RS row Bind off 13 sts loosely.
Return to remaining sts. Put centre 14 sts on holder (for neck)
Next RS row K13 (sts of left shoulder).
Next WS row P.
Next RS row Bind off 13 sts loosely.

My question is, when I bind off 13 stitches for the right shoulder, then put 14 on a holder the working yarn stays on the right side. Do I cut the yarn, then put the next 14 stitches on a holder and rejoin for the left shoulder?

I hope that question makes sense but for some reason I’m just not getting it.

Thanks for your help. I’ll be waiting here at the computer so I can continue with the coat.

You can, cut the yarn; what I like to do is leave it there (that ball of yarn will be used later), and join a new ball of yarn (if I have one) for the left shoulder. I don’t know if that makes sense or if I am explaining it right…

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Thanks for your help. His name is Henry and he’s currently fast asleep in his bed.

I agree that this is a good approach and most sweater patterns I’ve seen instruct to do this.