Help with Neck Shaping?

[B]Hello Oh Wise Ones![/B]
Back again for more help, this time with neck shaping. I’m working on a boy’s cardigan (my first!) and am now at the endy bit of the Left Front with the R side of the knitting facing me (buttonholes on L). I have 28 sts on my needle.
Here comes the rub…
[U]Instructions say:

[/U][U][B]Next Row[/B][/U]: K19, turn and leave rem 9 sts on length of yarn.
Dec 1 st at neck edge on next 3 rows
(then I work 8 rows garter and bind off - that part’s ok)

When I knit the 19 sts and turn the work, do I have to wrap the 19th stitch before turning, or just turn and keep working on those 19 sts?
Is the “neck edge” the edge with the buttonholes?
The pattern gives no guidance about which decreases to use, so help appreciated.
When I first turn the work I will have the wrong side facing me and will end the row on what I believe is the “neck edge”, so do I start the decreases here seeing as this is actually the “next row” after turning?
[I]ie[/I] is the first decrease knitted at the end of the wrong side row, the next decrease at the beginning of the right side row, and the third decrease at the end of the next wrong side row (I hope this is making sense?! :?? )

Do I start the decreases on the neck edge with R side facing on the following 1st, 3rd, and 5th Right side rows?
I realise how hard it is to explain this without seeing it, but I have great hopes that the experienced knitters will get the drift and set me straight!
Looking forward to your help!
thanks again, Jan

Don’t wrap the stitch, it sounds like the 19 sts are for the button band and will be knit later for the neckband. The neck edge is the same side at the buttonholes, opposite the arm edge. Since you’ll be decreasing for the neck on every row, (yes, WS, RS, WS); since it sounds like this is in garter st, you can k2tog on both sides. Or if you start the garter st after the decs, then p2tog on WS/k2tog on RS.

How easily you make the muddy waters clear! I don’t know what I’d do without all you lovely knitting folks in the US.
I’ve just had a look at the first 19 sts knitted and it does now look like the remaining sts are for the buttonhole border, so you are dead right Suzeeq.
I have no doubt that I’ll be back for more help with this pattern as I haven’t done a neckband before either (you’ve been warned!) thanks millions, and see you again soon!

After you’ve made a couplathree you’ll be able to figure out just about anything… :wink: