Help with neck decrease in a pattern

I’m knitting the Kirstin Seater from Hot Knits. I’m nearing the end (top) of the left front panel (it’s a zip up hoody), and I’m confused by the directions for the neck shaping. It says:

“Cont armhole decreases same as for back, and at the same time, slip 5 sts at neck edge onto holder. BO 3 sts at neck edge once, then BO 2 sts at neck edge twice, then dec 1 st at neck edge once.”

I understand decreasing the armholes, but I don’t understand the rest. This is starting on a RS stockinette stitch w/ 5 sts seed for the border. The 5 sts they want on the holder (and bound off???) are the seed sts. If someone gets this, I’d reallly appreciate the help.


Your putting those 5 edge stitches on a holder because they will be incorporated into the collar. The bound off stitches on the edge inside the border are bound off to shape the neckline, and you’ll have to pick up and knit stitches along those when your at the end.

So knit across those seed stitches and then put them on a holder–you’ll get back to them later. Then bind off three, work across and do what you have to at the arm edge. Purl back. Bind off 2 at the beginning of the next row, work to the arm, purl back. Bind off 2 again, etc, and then 1.

You’re the best! That makes a lot of sense, and helped me figure out that those 5 stitches get picked up when you start knitting the hood! Gotta love trying new things! (this is my 3rd piece). Thanks a bunch!