Help with my triangle shawl

I’m knitting a simple triangular shawl where it is ss with yarn overs are one stitch in on either side of the shawl to add increases (it’s a bottom up shawl). Here’s the problem: the yarn overs on the right side of the RS of the work look like perfect holes. but on the left side don’t look like holes at all unless you stretch and manipulate them. I hate to go any further until I figure out what I am doing wrong.

I’ll post a pic as soon as I can.

I’m making a shawl like that now - its my second one. My pattern is k3, yo, knit the rest of the row, turn. k3, yo, knit the rest of the row. The holes look fine on both sides.
Are you doing a yarn over at the beginning AND the end of each row? Maybe that is where the problem is.

Here’s my shawl. I was holding it from the bottom to stretch it out a bit… you can see how the holes on the right side are easily visible, while the YO holes on the left side aren’t (unless I manipulate them).

If the pattern calls for a YO at the beginning and the end of every RS row, that would be correct. I wouldn’t worry about them being different size, they often don’t look the same size while you’re knitting. It looks that way because the single st on the edge is curling. When you wash or block it when you’re done, that should even them out.

Thanks!! What a relief! Yes, it does call for a YO 1 stitch in on either side. Curling makes sense - I never thought of that!! :slight_smile:

Looks good KPG! And I love the color. suzeeq beat me to it about the sides curling