Help with my Oberstdorf 2005 pattern with zipper.

This is a Norwegian style sweater. I’ve got the body and arms completed. I am stumped on joining the arms to the body because there is no arm opening that the pattern had me knit. I am supposed to measure the arms onto the body and then sew apparently a “sealing” stitch on the body and then somehow join the sleeve to the body and then apparently cut the hole in the shoulder. I can quote the pattern directions if that will help but I’m wondering if anyone can help me understand how to accomplish this. Thanks!

Welcome to kH!
It may be that you need to steek the sweater, that is, cut the opening for the arms. That’s a bit what your instructions sound like.
If so here’s a video for steeking two excellent knitters. Part one is about the armholes.

You may or may not have the facing on the sleeve in your pattern but it is a nice touch.

I can’t thank you enough for leading me to this you tube video. Until now I have never heard of the steek method. Nor did the pattern mention it.

Make sure that that’s what the pattern wants. If the body of the sweater is knit as a tube, then a steek is in order.

Yes it is what I need. Thank you.