Help with my jumper neckband!

Hi everyone!

I don’t know if anyone can help me. I’m knitting my first cable jumper, and I’ve finished the front, back, and both arms on this pattern:

But getting to the neckband, I have no idea what it means! Can anyone help explain it to me? Thanks!

Have you joined the front to the back at the right shoulder (that’s the right shoulder as you would wear the sweater)? Once you do that you needto pick up sts as directed around the neck opening.

So that would be the stitches I was told to leave on a holder? Sorry this is all a bit new :blush:

The shoulder seam is the cast off sts.
The neckband is made up of picked up sts, the center front sts from one holder, more picked up sts and the center back sts from a second holder…

Ah I see! Thank you :blush: