Help with my jumbo yarn blanket

So the first picture is my blanket I arm knit with Shetland jumbo yarn the second is the same blanket a few days later. So I am new to knitting and this is my first ever knit!! What have I done wrong? How can I stop it looking so fuzzy and loose? Should I have done something to the wool before I knit and can I rectify it? I have seen people felt it by putting it in the washing machine? Please help me :weary:

I don’t think anything is wrong with it!! Arm knitting is supposed to be loose and it looks like a terrific first project!!

Felting it will make it look like one solid piece of felt fabric. Not like “knitted” at all. Do u have a picture of what u wanted it to look like??


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Thank you for your reply!!! I just feel like it’s not how it is supposed to be as I didn’t prep the wool before knitting and I have now seen that your supposed to hand felt it (running it through your hands from one pile to another I think this is correct for hand felt?) and then knit with it or you can put it in the washing machine wool setting on cold but again not sure. This is the photo I want it to look like… IMG_2854

Hand felting sounds better. I’d be afraid to put it into a washing machine/dryer that it would come out as a solid blob.
You’d think as much as they charge it would be prepped and ready to go.

For your finished one I’d say either live with it or unknit it and try hand felting it.

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It will never stay as neat and pretty as the picture because that hasn’t been handled much. For one that appears to be roving which is fiber that hasn’t been spun yet. It will pill and since it’s wool it may felt some. You’ll just have to accept that it’s the nature of that yarn.


Thank you for your help! I’m really learning and loving it! yes I think I will undo and hand felt my self. Hopefully will solve my issue :grin:

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So are you saying the photo I wished mine looked liked has been spun? Is this a must? I’m not sure what spinning is? Maybe I need to find out some more information on spinning. Thank you for your help! I wish I had someone I knew to ask these questions too! I appreciate your replys!!!

I’m not sure of the name or type of your yarn, but… Spinning is the process that is used to create yarn. The spinner takes roving and makes a single ply of yarn. When they are done they take two singles and ply (twist) them together. Depending on how thick each single is and how many they ply together determines the yarn weight. The yarn you see in hanks and balls is usually plied yarn although there are the occasional single that has been spun, but not plied. Plying makes it stronger. You can use a spindle or a wheel to make yarn. (I’m not a spinner, but I have friends who are and I’ve watched them do it for years. Someone who knows more may chime in here.) There are tons of videos, but here’s one.

This is roving that is used for spinning into yarn. As you can see it looks a lot like yours.

People do occasionally knit with roving, but you have to accept it’s little idiosyncrasies. Because it’s unspun it will pill and felt unless it’s a cotton or some other fiber that doesn’t felt.

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Oh wow that’s quite interesting actually but I don’t think the blankets I’m trying to make are spun I think they are definitely just hand felted. I will try and undo my blanket and hand felt a little and see if this helps.thank you again for you help I’ll let you know how I get on :slightly_smiling_face:

Spinning is what is done before you knit except for those cases where you knit with unspun yarn as you are. Good luck!

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So I undone and now I think it’s worse :persevere:

Because it’s roving it won’t do well with handling. I suggest getting a super bulky yarn and use that. You can also hold multiple strands together if you want it even thicker.

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Is mine wasted now then? I’m gutted but I guess you live and learn!!!

Worse from the un-doing or the hand felting after didn’t help it?

This video has her knitting and unknitting as part of the felting so I don’t think it is done. Sounds like it takes a lot of handling to get it stuck into a strand.

I also watched a video on lightly felting a finished blanket and she also mentions unknitting as part of the felting into a strand process so I wouldn’t give up yet. I hope you can figure it out.

If it is wasted for what you wanted I wonder if it could be spun into yarn with a drop spindle or if a spinster could use it. It’s still fiber.
I’m sure you could do something with it, even felting projects.

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Mike has some ideas. You could also just use it for a felting project like a basket, pot holders, etc.


Maybe tomorrow I will knit with it again then and see I’ll watch that video and see how I get on thank you!!! I will probably be back asking a tone of questions tomorrow :joy:

If you LIGHTLY felt it in a washing machine after it’s knitted I would do that before it gets fuzzy. The one I saw do it looked like it was freshly knitted. Hers didn’t felt the stitches together, if it was fuzzy like yours it might have. It looked like it would stop the fuzzing if you could get it to work.
I forget what she said about it over felting into a blob, but she was worried.

The problem as I see it is just handling it is causing the fuzzing and probably light felting so I’m not sure she can not have it fuzzy.

This is the one that does it in a machine. Like new before she washes it.

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Yes this is the one I watched but I agree maybe straight away I should have put into washing machine it’s probably too late to now