Help with my glove pattern again

Hi! Me, again! Working on my glove pattern again. It can be found at

I am up to the Right Thumb and I’m stuck on the part that says " Work in St st over these 13 sts…".

The problem is this: After I work the previous row (P2tog,p11,p2tog,turn work), after I turn the work, the RS is facing me and according to the next instruction, I should work st st over 13 stitches. However, after I turn work, I have more than 13 sts on both needles. What do I do with the rest of the stitches? Also, after I work over the 13 sts, how do I go on to the next row seeing that the 13 sts are in the middle of the row/needle. I don’t know if I make sense, but maybe if you could look at the pattern and if you could explain it to me, please?

Thanks in advance,

You have both the thumb sts and the hand sts on the needle but you’re currently only working on the thumb sts. After the P2tog, p11, p2tog and turn you have 13sts for the thumb. Work back and forth on these 13 for now. Ignore the other hand sts for the moment. You’ll get to them later.

Oh, thank you very much. It makes sense now! You are very clever!

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I’m up to the Right Thumb and I’ve been working in st st over 13 stitches (pattern at

I don’t know where to measure the 2 inches from. The 2 inches is mentioned in the instruction “Work in St st over these 13 sts until thumb measures 2 inches.”

I uploaded a photo in a Word document to show you what I mean. I hope it’s clear. my%20glove

Maybe I’ve knitted it all wrong.

Very grateful for any help!


Oooops! I tell a lie. It’s not the purl side, it’s the knit side! I think it’s called the RS. In any case, it’s the nicer looking side. Thank you for your help.


Looks good so far. I’ve circled the measurement but both sides of the thumb should measure about the same. I think that if you flip up the needle on the left side it’ll be ~parallel to the lower edge of the cuff and both left and right edges of the thumb will measure the same.
Also, you can hold it up to your own hand and see if that size seems comfortable to you or close to the size you need. @Daylilydayzed does that seem right to you?

Yes, the V-stitch or knit side is the RS.

Yes the side that you circled is the side to take the measurement from.

Oh, thank you all!

What does end with WS row mean? I knew it once before, but I always forget it every time I come across it. Does it mean the last row I work is a knit row or a purl row? I wonder if there’s an easy way to remember it? Thanks!

You’ll end having worked a WS row so that the next row you work will be a RS row. The RS row is the outer or public side of a sweater or glove; the WS row is the inner or private side.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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When it says “sew thumb into a tube”, what is the best way to do it? Mattress stitch? I’ve tried stitching something up before with a mattress stitch and I find that I can’t do it neatly. The problem is, there are so many stitches on each seam, and I don’t know which stitch to pull my wool needle through. I’ve uploaded some pictures of a cushion cover I knitted, and i’m sure you can see what I mean. None of the edges look neat and lovely! Does anyone have a video or tutorial about how I can sew up my project neatly? Also, how do I sew up the tip of the thumb?
Thank you!

Mattress stitch is one of the best ways to seam because it is so invisible and because you have the outside facing as you work it.
You have to pick a column of Vs on each side of the seam and stick to those columns. Keep checking as you put your needle in that you are in those same two columns. Don’t pull the seam tight until you get to the end. The thumb seam is short enough that you can to this.
You might make two swatches and practice seaming.

For the top of the thumb, use a tapestry needle to weave about an 8 inch tail of the working yarn through the remaining sts on the needle and pull tightly to close the top. (That’s what the pattern is suggesting when it says to run yarn through remaining 7sts and pull tight.) Tie a small knot and continue to use this tail and needle to work mattress stitch down the thumb.
The cushion looks very nice over all but yes, the seams could be straighter.

Salmonmac is right, mattress stitch will work , just don’t pull it to tight.To close the top of the thumb you do what Salmonmac explained about running a piece of the tail through the stitches while they are still on the needle, then pull it off the needle that way you will not drop any stitches.Then just tighten the stitches along the thread and pull it tight to close up up the end of the thumb.

Hi! I’ve been away for a while because I took salmonmac’s suggestion of making a swatch to practise the mattress stitch seam. The video from very pink is very good and because it’s very clear, I have a better idea of what to do now. My final question is: how do you end a mattress stitch when you reach the end/top. I’ve been told to weave in the ends, but I don’t know what that means. I want to be able to make a nice and neat end. Is there a video?