Help with moss stitch

Hi there, I’m a new knitter (and an older lady!). I can do stockinette and garter super well, but now I want to try other stitches. The thing is, I am really stumped by knit one, perl 1. When I do this, I can’t tell what stitch is what when I get to the next row, it is so confusing. How do I tell where to put the needle when I’ve done a row of knit 1, perl 1? Does it get easier, I felt like I was fighting with the knitting at this point. I was just trying a simple moss stitch, but jeez, I may be too stupid to recognize what the stitches are after just one row :frowning:
:frowning: :frowning: :??

Thank you,

While learning what the stitches look like, it might help to just remember that if you’re doing moss stitch in a K1P1 pattern, if you end your row with a knit stitch, the first stitch of the next row will be a knit stitch. If your row ends with a purl stitch, your next row will begin with a purl stitch.

Also, on this page under Basic Stitch Patterns, you will find a video for moss stitch, also known as seed stitch. Maybe the visual will help you out, if you haven’t already watched it.

Good luck!

Don’t feel stupid. It IS very difficult to tell what the stitches are on the first couple of rows.

For seed stitch, if you end with a purl, start with a purl for the first stitch on the next row. If you end with a knit, start with a knit.

After you get a few rows done, you’ll be able to see your stitches much more clearly.