Help with mitten pattern

Hi! I need help with leisure arts quick and easy mittens pattern. I have the thumb finished and seam sewn…What I don’t know is how do I start knitting the body of the mitten again? How do I add yarn on? I hope this is clear…I would appreciate any help you can give me :slightly_smiling_face:

You may have saved the sts for the body of the mitten on waste yarn or an extra needle. Put the sts on a needle. Add in the new yarn as is the video and begin knitting around the saved sts.
Often, mitten patterns will have you pick up sts at the base of the thumb to close up a hole there between the thumb and the mitten body. In that case, use the new strand to pick up sts and continue with the body as your pattern directs.

Thank you so much! It worked and my mitten looks like it should!