**Help with Mason Dixon Ball Band Warshrag Pattern**

Perhaps KK or anyone else familiar with the MDK book could offer their opinion… :thinking:
I have knit the firt several rows having dropped color A and gone to color B, but afer several rows of color B, would anyone surmise that when they say to knit with A, would you cut and then join? I know it sounds like I’m thinking too hard, but it doesn’t SAY cut, but then it doesn’t say NOT to cut.
I’m just thinking this is gonna be a buttload of ends to weave in for a dishrag!
Thanks in advance… :thumbsup:

I think that you should cut and join. That’s how I always do it. But I’m just a beginner so I wouldn’t know as well as the more advanced people :doh:

You could carry the yarn not in use up the side to avoid having the ends. On each end where the yarn is, bring the yarn in use under the hanging yarn and ‘carry’ it up the side.