Help With Marlena Bobbled Headband

I’m working on this headband right now, and I’ve run into a problem. The way it goes is that there are sets of one bobble, then two. The headband starts out with one bobbled in the middle, then goes to two bobbles, then one, then two… and so on. I really want it to be symmetrical and end with the one bobble before the decreases, but the pattern says to stop at the two bobbles and start the decrease rows.

I can’t seem to figure out how to fix this because it needs 33 stitches for the decrease rows, but the one bobble set never has 33 stitches. Am I making any sense?

it seems like if you start with one bobble and end with one bobble, it will throw off the pattern. It looks like from the picture the bobbles look like:

If you begin and end with one bobble only, somewhere on the headband it would look like


Does THAT make sense !?!? I think it’s Ingrid who says “trust the pattern” !! :slight_smile: Good luck, it’s really cute.