Help with making up Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Baby Cardigan

I’m looking for some help as to how to make up the Debbie Bliss Baby’s Garter Stitch Jacket… I’m fairly new to knitting and this has me lost!

Pattern says…

Left shoulder Place sts on two needles
with points facing the cuff edge, then
with wrong sides facing, knitting one
st from each needle together, cast off
14(18:22) sts, now, with one st on right
hand needle, turn knitting so that right
sides are now facing and cast off rem
sts. This reverses the seam for the cuff.
Right shoulder Work to match left
shoulder, reversing seam for turn back.
Join underarm seams, reversing seam
on last 6(7:8)cm for cuff. Thread ribbon
through eyelets to tie at centre front.[/B]

Thanks in advance

Scroll down on this page for the three-needle bind-off. That’s what the first part of your pattern is calling for. It makes a lovely shoulder seam.

Then, because the cuff is folded up and you want the seam on the other side, you’ll flip your knitting so it’s right-side out and continue working the 3nbo with the inside of the knitting facing so the seam will look nice when you fold it up.

When you join the other seams, use the Mattress Stitch, working this with the outside of the sweater facing you until you get to the end where you’ll work the seam on the inside so it will look good when you fold it.

Finished making this up - looks great, thanks again for the helpful videos and advice.